Chocolate Orange Mousse

Chocolate Orange Mousse


Chocolate Oranges 2
Condensed Milk 1 Can
Heavy Cream 1 1/2 Cups


Whipped Cream 1 Cup
Powdered Sugar 1/4 Cup
Vanilla Bean Paste 1 teaspoon
Chocolate Orange 1

My favorite candy growing up was Jaffa’s (they were little chocolate orange balls), this dessert combines those flavors! It also adds a creamy texture which is delicious and it is really easy to make.

  1. Roughly chop and then melt 2 of the Chocolate Oranges in a microwave safe dish, I do mine for 1 minute then at 30-second intervals, it won’t be totally liquid but just stir it until its smooth as it makes it easier to cool if you don’t have to nuke every last lump.
  2. Cool it down on the counter for about 30 minutes. Add the Condensed Milk to it and stir until smooth.
  3. When the Chocolate mixture is room temperature start whipping the cream until it’s at stiff peak stage, reserve about 1/2 Cup for garnish then fold a little into the Chocolate mixture to lighten it up, then add the rest and fold until combined.
  4. Spoon mixture into serving dishes and refrigerate for at least 4-6 hours.
  5. Spoon a bit of the reserved Whipped Cream on top of each and garnish with the remaining Chocolate Orange segments.




15 min


5 min



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