Quick Vegetarian Italian Balsamic “Chicken” Salad

Quick Vegetarian Italian Balsamic “Chicken” Salad


Romaine Lettuce 1 Head
Spinach 2 Cups
Vegetarian Chicken Breasts 3
Campari or Roma Tomatoes 4
Fresh Parmesan 1/2 Cup
Olive Garden Creamy Italian Dressing 6 Tablespoons
Refridgerated Pizza Dough 1
Balsamic Glaze 4 Tablespoons
Bruschetta Seasoning 2 Tablespoons

This is such a quick and easy salad that makes a complete meal using faux turkey from Gardein.

So many shortcuts I had every intention of making my own dressing but ran out of time and resorted to a bottle, it was fine if you want to make your own but I wanted this to be quick.  You can buy the Cheese already grated, just don’t use that awful powdered stuff.

The “chicken substitute” I used is fake Turkey but there are a lot of similar products that get the job done.

I used this Pizza Dough. it comes on parchment paper already rolled into a circle ready to jam in the oven.

  1. Make the Pizza Dough by pre heating the oven to whatever your package says to.
  2. Rub a little Olive Oil on it and Sprinkle with the Bruschetta seasoning and bake for about 15 mins.
  3. Wash and cut the Lettuce into bite size pieces add to a bowl. Toss with the Dressing.
  4. Add some oil to a fry pan and add the “Chicken” and cook according to the package until golden brown.
  5. To the Lettuce quarter the Tomatoes and add to the bowl.
  6. Grate the Parmesan Cheese over the Salad.
  7. Slice the “Chicken” and place on top.
  8. Squirt the Balsamic Glaze across the Salad and serve with the Pizza Dough cut into slices.




10 min


5 min



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