Asian Brussel Sprout Salad

Asian Brussel Sprout Salad


Shaved brussel sprouts 2-3 Cups or 10/12 sprouts
Green Cabbage 1/2 a head
Dried cranberries 1 Cup
Green Onions 6
Cilantro 1 Cup
Avocado (optional) 2-3
Toasted Sesame seeds 2 Tbls reserve 1 Tbls for garnish


Rice Vinegar 1/2 Cup
Canola Oil 1/4 Cup
Sesame oil 1 tsp
Sea Salt 1/2 tsp
Honey 1/4 cup + 1Tbls
Ginger (fresh or Ground) 1 1/2 tsp

SAM_1234This is a great salad when you don’t know what to do with Brussel sprouts. You can even buy pre shredded Brussel Sprouts and cabbage at most major supermarkets, I’ve seen both at WalmartSAM_1199SAM_1212

  • Shred Brussel Sprouts with a Mandoline or with the slicer attachment on your Food Processor, I prefer the mandoline as it shreds them thinner.
  • Shred Cabbage, easier if you cut it in quarters.
  • Toast Sesame seeds in a dry pan over a medium high heat, keep the pan moving, don’t turn your back for a second or they will burn !
  • Mix the dressing in bowl with a whisk and set aside.
  • Toss all ingredients together right before serving as it does wilt.
  • If you use Avocado toss with dressing before you add it to the salad
  • Sprinkle with remaining Sesame seeds

Modified from Cafesucrefarine




20 min



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