Hummus Cups with Garlic Yogurt

Hummus Cups with Garlic Yogurt


Hummus 2 Cups
Greek Yogurt 1/4 cup
Jarred Minced Garlic 1 Tablespoon

Garlic Yogurt

Greek Yogurt Rest of the container
Fresh Garlic Cloves 2
Greek Seasoning 1-2 Tablespoons
Lemon Juice

Greek Tomato Salsa

Roma Tomatoes 3 seeded
Red Onion 1/2 diced
Fresh Mint & Parsley 1/2 Cup finely diced
Persian Cucumbers 3


Feta Cheese 1/2 Cup
Flat Breads 6

I use store bought hummus that I doctored but feel free to make your own if you want.

I bought the big tub of  Hummus I found at Costco.

I like to serve things in individual containers as its easier to grab and go at a party and it doesn’t look like a huge mess when everyone digs in.

  1. Make the Garlic Yogurt by adding the Yogurt to a bowl with the crushed Garlic, Seasonings and Lemon Juice.  Set aside in the fridge while you make the rest.
  2.  Dice the seeded Tomatoes and add to the rest of the Salsa ingredients and stir together with a little more of the Greek Seasoning, I like to use the Lemon Zest from the Lemon you used for the Yogurt as well.
  3. Add the Hummus to a piping bag and pipe into the bottom of the containers, spoon some of the Yogurt on top and then add a tablespoon or 2 of the Salsa and serve with a little crumbled Feta on top.




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