Mango Lime No Churn Ice Cream

Mango Lime No Churn Ice Cream


Diced Mangoes 1 Can
Heavy Whipping Cream 1.5 Cups
Condensed Milk 1/4 Cup
Lime 1
Coconut Cookies
Mango Lime No Churn Ice Cream

No churn ice cream is super simple to make and now that condensed milk comes in a squeeze bottle there is no excuse !

I think it needs the lime flavor as Mango is a bit dull on its own, you could also add Toasted Coconut if you like.

  1. Squeeze the Lime Juice (if you like a lot of Lime flavor zest it and use that as well).
  2. Drain the Diced Mangoes and blend them until smooth in either a food processor or a with a stick blender.
  3. Whip the Cream, Condensed Milk and Mango Puree together until thickened (soft peak stage), stir through the Lime until all incorporated and place in a deep dish that can go in the freezer.
  4. Freeze overnight then serve with the Coconut cookies.



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