Shortcut Pumpkin Sage Ravioli

Shortcut Pumpkin Sage Ravioli


Ravioli (any type) 2 Cups
Pumpkin Puree 1/2 Can
Heavy Cream 1 Cup
Chinese 5 Spice Powder 1-2 teaspoons
Fresh Sage Leaves 8

As anyone who knows me knows I hate Fall and I especially hate pumpkin or anything with that Spice mix in it, however, this dish may be the exception, it is so fast and easy to put together.  I am a firm believer in half homemade half pre-made and this is a great demonstration of that theory.

Use any Ravioli or Pasta you like, I used the Spinach and Mushroom one from Costco.  I would recommend using the fresh type you find near the dairy section, it cooks so quickly.


  1. Put a large pot of water on to boil
  2. Add the Cream to a frypan over medium heat then chop the Sage leaves and stir them through adding the Pasta to the boiling water and while that’s cooking add the Pumpkin Puree to the Cream along with the 5 Spice Powder and season to taste.
  3. When the Pasta is cooked, drain it and gently pour in on top of the Pumpkin Cream Sauce and spoon the sauce over so it covers the Pasta.
  4. I fried a couple of the Sage Leaves and used those to garnish the dish.





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