Cake Box Banana Coconut Cupcakes

Cake Box Banana Coconut Cupcakes


White Cake Mix 1 Box
Milk 1 Cup
Eggs 4
Melted Butter 1/2 Cup
Cream of Coconut Cocktail Mix 1/2 -3/4 Cup


Cool Whip 16 oz Tub
Banana Pudding 1 3.4 oz Box
Milk or Cream 2-6 Tablespoons
Bananas 2
Coconut Cookies 2-3 Crushed

I got this idea after reading a recipe for a poke cake so I tried to simplify it and elevate it (slightly)!

I used this Coconut Syrup that you can find in the Cocktail section of the Grocery Store, if you cant find it use 1 can of Coconut Cream (not Milk)with a can of Condensed Milk.

  1. Pre heat oven to 325 Degrees.
  2. Blend the box of White Cake Mix with the Milk, Melted Butter & Eggs, pour into 24 hole cupcake pan lined with paper liners (not the ones you will serve them in save them for after they are cooked).
  3. Bake for about 18-23 minutes or until a skewer comes out clean.
  4. Let them cool then poke holes in then with a skewer or straw.
  5. Squeeze a few teaspoons of the Coconut syrup over the Cupcakes let sit while you make the Frosting.
  6. Mix the Pudding Mix with the Cool Whip and us the remaining milk to thin the Frosting out so its smooth.
  7. Place in a piping bag and top the Cupcakes with it, sprinkle with the crushed Coconut Cookies.
  8. Slice the Bananas and place one slice on each Cupcake and serve.




10 min


19 min



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