Caramel Corn Panna Cotta

Caramel Corn Panna Cotta


Milk 1 Cup
Gelatine 1 envelope
Sugar 1/3 Cup
Salt pinch
Vanilla Bean Paste 1 teaspoon
Heavy Cream 2 Cups
Caramel Corn 1 Cup (split)


I made these small as it is a pretty rich dessert but you can make these as big as you like.

Since I love a shortcut most of this comes pre-made so it is an easy Dessert to make ahead of time.

The Caramel Corn infused Milk is best made the day before, just leave it in the fridge overnight.

The pictures above are a double recipe.

  1. Make the Caramel Corn Milk by soaking 1/2 Cup of Caramel Corn in the Milk for at least an hour, (best overnight) then squeeze the Caramel Corn into the Milk and discard, sieve the Milk so it removes any little bits of Caramel Corn.
  2. Add the Gelatin to the Caramel Corn infused Milk in a small saucepan stir and set aside for 10 minutes.
  3. After 10 minutes put on a low heat and add the Sugar and Salt.
  4. Stir and heat until Gelatin is completely dissolved heat until the milk is steaming but not boiling.
  5. Remove from the heat and add the Vanilla Bean paste.
  6. Place the Cream in a large measuring cup or bowl and slowly add the hot Milk mixture and stir gently to blend together.
  7. Spoon or pipe the Caramel Topping into the shooter glasses or whatever containers you are using.
  8. Gently pour the Milk & Cream mixture on top and place in the fridge to set for at least 4-6 hours.
  9. Decorate with the remaining 1/2 Cup of Caramel Corn.




10 min


10 min



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