Easy 90-Minute Turkey

Easy 90-Minute Turkey


Turkey 12-15 pounds
Carrots 3
Celery 5 Stalks
Onion 1
Vegetable Oil 2 Tblsp
Poultry Seasoning or Mixed Herbs 2 Tblsp
Salt & Pepper 1-2 Tblsp



If the thought of cooking a turkey fills you with dread, this is the recipe for you! It does require a bit of butchery (which as a vegetarian I don’t enjoy) but it’s so easy!

It literally takes 90 Minutes to cook this bird. No more getting up at 5am to put the turkey in the oven! and it really works for any size turkey as long as it fits on the rack when spread out.

If you like to brine your turkey go ahead, get a clean plastic bucket and line it with a clean trash bag, pour 1/2 a bag of ice in the bottom, then place another trash bag on top of the ice, place Turkey in that bag and fill with whatever brine you choose, I use Apple juice and Salt with some seasonings and just dump it in. Seal or knot that bag and put the rest of the ice on top and twist the top closed leave in a cold place for 24 hours or until ready to cook.

  1. Pre heat the oven to 450 degrees
  2. Now the hard part……..

The toughest part of this recipe is butchering the turkey….. Remove the giblets & neckbone.  Next you have to cut the backbone out of the turkey by cutting down each side of the backbone so the turkey lays flat. You also have to help it flatten by breaking the breastbone, you do this by pressing down hard on the breastbone and cracking it (it’s a little barbaric but its already dead after all).

After all this torture is done, lay the turkey on a wire rack then place the chopped Onions, Carrots & Celery on a lined oven tray, then place the Turkey on the wire rack on top of the Vegetables and rub with oil and sprinkle the seasonings liberally on top. Tuck the tips of the wings under as they will burn.

Place in oven for 90 minutes, if it starts to brown to much cover it with foil.

Let rest for at least 20 minutes before carving.

It is so moist and tender you will never fear cooking turkey again! and why wait till Thanksgiving it’s so easy you can do it anytime.

Here is link for the step by step pictures




20 min


1 hr 30 min



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