Farmers Market Salad w/ Buttermilk Dressing & Cornbread Croutons

Farmers Market Salad w/ Buttermilk Dressing & Cornbread Croutons


Fresh Corn Cobs 5-6
Red Peppers 2
English Cucumber 1
Shallot 1
Fresh Dill 1 Bunch
Fresh Italian Parsley 1/4 Cup


Buttermilk 1/2 Cup
Greek Yogurt 1 Cup
White Wine Vinegar 2 Tablespoons
Vidalia Onion 1/4
Garlic Cloves 2
1/3 Cup Olive Oil
Herb Blend 2 Tablespoons
Fresh Parsley 3-4 Tbsp


Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix 1 Package
Egg 1
Milk 1/3 Cup
Canola Oil 2-3 Tablespoons





This salad combines some great early summer produce. This salad has such fresh flavors and textures, the Cornbread Croutons really kick it up a notch!

Some fresh Salmon would be great with this, also some Feta Cheese on top would a nice salty note.

I made the Cornbread Croutons using the 88c package of Jiffy Cornbread Mix,  I used a 9×9 Brownie pan lined with some parchment paper. Cook as a whole cake according to the package and let cool, when its cool cut into 1-inch squares and drizzle with Canola Oil and a sprinkle of Kosher Salt. Cook on 350 for about 15 minutes until golden and crispy around the edges.

  1. Throw the Corn with the husks and all on into the microwave for about 5 minutes.
  2. When it’s cool enough to handle, take the husks and silk off the Corn then strip the Corn off the cob, I used a Mandoline to speed it up.
  3. Peel the Shallot then halve it and thinly slice it, let it sit in about 1/2 a cup of water and add a tablespoon of sugar and a couple of teaspoons of Salt. Set it aside this will take the sting out of the Shallot.
  4. Make the dressing by grating the Onion then whisking all the remaining ingredients until they combine together. I used Badia Seasoning to add to mine.
  5. Dice the Red Peppers and quarter the Cucumber, it easier if you halve it first. cut it into chunky pieces.
  6. Finely dice the Dill and Parsley.
  7. Drain the liquid from the Shallots and mix with the Corn, Red Peppers, Cucumber and the Dill & Parsley.
  8. Top with the Croutons and serve the Dressing on the side.






15 min


15 min



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