Late Summer Salad with Cornbread Croutons

Late Summer Salad with Cornbread Croutons


Arugula 2 Cups
Heirloom Tomatoes 3 Large
Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes 1 Cup
Peaches 2-3
Watermelon 1 Cup
Cornbread 1 Large Piece
Fresh Mint Leaves 1/4 Cup

Pistachio Basil Vinaigrette

Roasted Salted Pistachios 1/2 Cup
Olive Oil 1/2 Cup
White Wine Vinegar 2 Tablespoons
Fresh Basil Leaves 1/2 Cup
Fresh Ground Pepper 1 teaspoon


Summer is winding down but there is so much great produce around and this salad combines a few of them!

I used store bought Cornbread for these but feel free to make your own if you like, just make the Cornbread the day before so it doesn’t fall apart.

  1. Start by making the Dressing….Add everything but the Oil to a food processor and add about 1/4 Cup of Water to get it all moving, with the processor running slowly add the Oil and any more water until you get the desired consistency.
  2. Cut the Cornbread into cubes and either add to a hot pan with a little Oil in it and cook until toasted.  Or you can bake them in a 400 degree oven until crisp.
  3. Heat a grill pan and cut up the Peaches into slices and coat with Oil, grill about 30 seconds on each side so you can see the grill marks.
  4. Cut the Watermelon into cubes, slice the large Tomatoes into thick slices, halve the small Tomatoes, slice the Cucumbers.
  5. Add Arugula to a serving plate and top with the ingredients, tear the Mint Leaves and serve with the Dressing.




15 min


5 min



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