Radish Green Salad w/ Fresh Cucumber Dressing

Radish Green Salad w/ Fresh Cucumber Dressing


Iceberg Lettuce 1
Romaine Lettuce 1
Radishes 1 Bunch
Mini Cucumbers 2


Mini Cucumbers 4
Mayonnaise 1 Cup
Lemon 1
Fresh Dill 2 Tablespoons
Chives 1/4 Cup
Fresh Parsley 2 Tablespoons
Salt & Pepper


A great fresh tasting salad that literally takes minutes to throw together! I got the idea for this Salad from the restaurant Hash House A Go Go in Las Vegas, I love that place, the portions are huge but they actually taste good.

The Dressing on this Salad is amazing! Make it and hour or two ahead of time as this Salad is best served very cold.  Keep the Lettuce and other Vegetables chilled as well until you use them.

  1. Chop the 4 mini Cucumbers and the Herbs, zest the Lemon and squeeze the Juice out of it.
  2. Add all those ingredients and the Mayo to a food processor and blitz until all combined, season with Salt & Pepper, it will be quite thin but will thicken up a little when you let it sit in the fridge while you prepare the Salad.
  3. Wash and tear the Lettuce’s into bite size pieces and quarter the Radishes, dice the Mini Cucumbers and toss with the chilled Dressing and serve.




10 min



Skill Level