Roasted Vegetable Coucous Salad

Roasted Vegetable Coucous Salad


Pearl Coucous (prepared according to package) 2 Cups
Zucchini 2
Asparagus 6
Butternut Squash Diced 2 Cups
EggPlant 1
Baby Bella Mushrooms quartered 2 Cups
Red Onion 1/2
Vegetable Stock 3 Cups


Olive Oil 1/4 Cup
Ras El Hanout 2 Tablespoons
Lemon Juice 1
Cumin 2 teaspoons
Maple Syrup 1-2 Tablespoons
Salt & Pepper


A very satisfying dish that can be eaten by itself or pair it with grilled fish or chicken!

  1.  Pre Heat the oven to 425 Degrees
  2.  Chop all the Vegetables into a large dice and toss with a little Olive Oil and Salt & Pepper.
  3.  Roast Vegetables for about 20-40 minutes tossing about every 10-15 minutes. I put mine on broil at the end for about 5-10 minutes so they got some more color.  Set aside until you need them.
  4. Start boiling the Vegetable Stock.
  5.  Toast the Couscous in a dry pan until you can see them changing color, keep them moving so they don’t burn,
  6.  When done spoon the Couscous into the boiling Stock and cook according to the package about 10 minutes, rinse with cold water and set aside then drizzle with Olive Oil and stir through.
  7. Make the Dressing by zesting and juicing the Lemon and whisking everything together and set aside.
  8.  Toss all the Vegetables with the Couscous and Dressing then stir through the diced Parsley and serve warm or cold.




15 min


10 min



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