Spicy Thai Veggie Sandwich

Spicy Thai Veggie Sandwich

Pickled Vegetables

Matchstick Carrots 1/4 Cup
Matchstisk Radishes 1/4 Cup
Sliced Red Onion 1/4 Cup
Rice Wine Vinegar 1/2 Cup
Granulated Sugar 1/4 Cup
Water 1/4 Cup
Thinly Sliced Jalapeno 1


Whole Wheat Bread 4 Slices
English Cucumber 1/2
Sriracha Mayonaisse 4 Tablespoons
Spinach Leaves 1/2Cup
Cilantro 8-10 Sprigs
I’m always looking for a vegetarian recipe that isn’t always a salad and this fits the bill, it’s like a bahn mi without the meat.

This was adapted from Girl Versus Dough.

  1. Make the Quick Pickled Veges by heating the Sugar, Vinegar & Water to a boil and then let cool to room temperature.  Add the sliced Vegetables to the cooled mixture and set aside for 30 minutes.
  2. Assemble the Sandwiches by spreading the Sriracha Mayo on the Bread, top with the Spinach leaves, Sliced Cucumber and the drained Pickled Vege,  drizzle over a little more Mayo and top with the other slice of Bread.





15 min



Skill Level